Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spanish Gypsy Tapas January 21st

Here is the complete menu for Dinner on January 21st at Water Canyon in Yucca Valley. No reservations are necessary. Dinner is served a la carte or as a prix fixe tasting menu which includes one selection from each category PLUS a dish of mixed olives and Spanish Tortilla, all for $36. I hope you can come, these might turn into a semi-regular thing if this goes well! Click here for a link to more information.

Butter lettuce salad $5
Roasted fennel and beet salad $5
Asparagus salad $5
Marinated artichoke hearts $5

Spanish style tortilla with spinach and sage $4.00
Cheese plate $6 (add salami for $2)
Mixed olives $3.50
Roasted Garlic $3.50
Roasted Vegetable Ravioli with Black Truffle $5
Garlic Mushrooms $5

Crostini (toasted baguette with topping, served 4 to a plate):
Wild Mushroom and leek crostini $5
Tomato and artichoke crostini $5
Anchovy crostini $5
Tuna and olive crostini $5
Goat Cheese and caramelized onion crostini $5

Grilled andouille sausage on a bed of roasted fennel $5
Serrano Ham served with hot mustard $5
Grilled Chicken brochettes with spicy aioli $5

House smoked salmon served with caper berries and lemon aioli $6
Pickled shrimp with fennel and red onion $6
Ahi Tuna ceviche with orange and celery $6

Olive oil cake with Fig and Meyer lemon compote $5
Flourless chocolate cake $5
Salted caramel Flan $5


rosaatricochet said...

Sounds awesome! We'll be there after the salsa class. Love ya,

jamie said...

oh please do another one.

i need everything on the menu, and will come from san diego!